What is episil®?
– episil® is an oral liquid without preservatives in a multi-dose container. It contains a mixture of lipids that forms a strongly bioadhesive gel when exposed to water. episil® gives relief of pain via mechanical barrier action by a protective film that forms in the oral cavity and adheres to the oromucosal surfaces.

How do I use episil®?
– Administer episil® to the oral cavity by spraying 1-3 times. Distribute to affected areas in the mouth and allow a few minutes for the liquid to gel and the protective film to form. episil® is intended for use in the oral cavity as far as the pharynx but is not dangerous to swallow.

When do I start using episil®?
– You can start using episil® at the same time as you start your treatment cycle of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Experience from clinical use of the episil® indicates that the severity of oral mucositis may be reduced when episil® is used before oral mucositis starts to develop.

What does episil® contain?
– episil® contains mainly lipids; glyceroldioleate which is a metabolite of fats in the
diet and phospholipid which is part of the cell membranes in the body. The lipids form
a bioadhesive gel when they take up small amount of water from the saliva.

Are there any side effects?
– No side effects have been reported. episil® contains small amounts of ethanol (alcohol), less than 100 mg per dose, which may cause a burning sensation when applied to sore mucosal surfaces. episil® contains also small amounts of propylene glycol which may cause skin irritation and peppermint oil which may cause allergic reaction. Do not use episil® if you are allergic to any of the components.

Does episil® prevent oral mucositis?
– From clinical use of episil® it has been reported that the severity and duration of oral mucositis was less in the group of patients which used episil® compared with the group which did receive standard care (Ref 3).

Does episil® prevent infections in the oral cavity?
– The protective layer that is formed may help to reduce the risk of infection on the sore mucosal surfaces. In microbiology tests the growth of bacteria was reduced under the lipid film.

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